How I Turned My Sunday Into A Really Productive One

They say that Sundays are the worst for productivity. I used to believe the same…until something happened this Sunday!

This is NOT what my room looks like on Sundays. This weekend, I decked it up!

Sundays are generally meant to be chill and relaxed. But there might be Sundays where you are looking forward to getting some real work done. And trust me on this, Sundays turn out to be the most productive day of all. Reason, it’s a Sunday, you don’t have a lot of work and you are relaxed.

One of my Sundays lead to one of the hugest things I wanted to do in a long while. I am a person who is a weekend sloth. I just love to hibernate on weekends without moving a muscle. Sundays can be days of procrastination. But those were the days when I was motivated by morning routines on Youtube. Though I used to believe I am an owl and can never become a morning person, I was somehow trying to follow it.

This morning routine thing changed the game for me. That was a Sunday when I created Life:Decoded. Before I go deep into the story, let me give you the backstory first. As I have been telling like some ‘mantra’, I wanted to create Life:Decoded for a very long time, maybe since a year. Somethings just didn’t lead to it, maybe my work schedule or my procrastination.

On Friday I was working on something and I called up my brother to discuss it. I was suddenly told you should start a blog. I was like “okay”. As soon as I kept the call, I texted my Guruji saying “I am starting  my blog…WordPress or BlogSpot?” He types in seconds “WordPress”. Seeing that I had this rush of ideas. Something just got into me and I opened my laptop and typed “”.

Now time to go deeper into the story. Unlike other Sundays, I woke up early and right away opened my laptop and started creating Life:Decoded. I was very clear, it is the time, there can’t be a better timing than this. I kept working the whole Sunday and you can see the product of just one productive Sunday.

If you are wondering how you can turn your Sunday into a productive one. Here are the steps I followed. Also, bonus tips & suggestions coming your way.

Step-1: Rise As The Sun Rises 

I know it can be a little difficult for a Sunday. But if you can’t or don’t want to miss your sleep then try to wake up a little early in comparison to other Sundays.

Step-2: Hop Out Of Bed 

If you are a person who just adores the bed then just hop out of it as soon as you are awake. If you are taking that extra five minutes to snuggle with your bed, you are going to lose it.

Step-3: Hydrate Your Body 

This is not an off the beat step. If you are trying to be productive then your body is probably the first thing you should be taking care of. So early in the morning drink sufficient amounts of water.

Step-4: Find Your Spot 

Finding the right spot is important. Find a place where you feel positive, motivated and feel like working. Maybe beside the window, or somewhere you can feel the sunshines.

Step-5: Jott It All Down 

I know some people just can’t follow to-dos. I am surely one of them. But I have found something similar to-do and surprisingly I can follow that too. Cheers to that! You can just jot things down on your diary or a piece of paper. As you complete each task strike it out. The feeling when you get things done and strike it out is awesome. Btw the idea is from the movie ‘Five Feet Apart’.

Step-6: Stay Motivated & Positive 

If you are not motivated from inside and not positive to get the work done within that day. No way you can do it. There is no point looking for some sort of external motivation.

Step-7: Keep Churning 

I am a foodie. My friends and people in office may not agree to this but I believe I am. When I am at home, I need food after every interval. Also, at least my brain works in perfect condition when my tummy is not grumbling.

Step-8: Don’t Wait Till The Room IS A Bin 

I woke up, made my bed right away. If you won’t then the bed will still have the magnetic powers to attract you. Also, I cleaned up my surroundings. So that I feel a little fresh.

Now that I think, there is nothing actually pro about this. I could have started this little early in life. If you are trying to be productive the actual pro-tip is do it when you think of it. Personally when I get a thought of studying or organising, I do it right away. Also, the more you sleep, the more you miss out on life!

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