The Ultimate Reality: How I Am Coping With Coronavirus

I am an Indian citizen and I live in India. A very beautiful country, rich in a diverse culture. Also, no country can match the diversity of superstition in India. I sometimes have a hard time thinking this is in for or against me.

Coronavirus is pandemic now. People are getting infected. People are dying. It is more serious than any Bollywood movie where the son finds out his parents are not his real parents followed by a very dynamic and loved ‘dhum tananana’ song. But there is a fleet of people who just fail to understand that.

I feel for the families out there who have lost their loved ones. In no time it reached all the corners of the world just like the ‘lal Hit’ kone kone tak pahunche. India is one of the victim countries. Seeing it in the news happening in other countries you feel sad and pray for the people out there. When it’s your own country, you feel horrified. At least I did.

People in India are so horrified that they are using water & tissues both. You know better to do what. But I personally think if we are getting better with our habits & hygiene then fear is good. It is a serious thing, no matter how many times people say that people are panicking. I don’t see a point. Why shouldn’t they be? People are dying. It’s natural.

I go to the office. I still go to the office. Yes, that is true. I hope you didn’t miss the sadness there. I earn my bread through that company. Agreed! It’s a very cool place to work at but I don’t feel cool about dying there. Anyways, I see everyday discussions of mango man. There are facts in between the rumours there. My personal favourite rumour: China has planned this, they made this virus for wars. There is more to it. China released this gas knowingly to reduce its own population.

Before anything else, do not believe the above two lines. It’s all bogus. Chinese people are smart men, they will rather reduce the population of other countries and expand their territory. I wonder sitting there amid all this discussion, who gave you this job. Also, the fact is china did a good job in comparison to other countries.

We can’t deny the fact that India is ahead of all. In addition to all the good efforts of the authorities, the people are also putting in their precious efforts. Which they obviously didn’t put to educate themselves about coronavirus. So they used their supersonic powers to compose ‘Go Corona Songs’. Also, they conducted a ‘small’ gathering of a hundred people to promote the song.

I just have two things to say on this. First, gatherings are a big no-no in such scenarios. Second, corona doesn’t understand a language like the ‘stree’ (ghost of a Bollywood movie called Stree). I try to avoid going to crowded places. Because we should understand the situation and keep ourselves as well as others safe. I mean holidays, parties, gatherings can wait. I don’t know about weddings, people are very excited about weddings. People as in females.

“We all should take the necessary precautions”. When I say that I get some weird comments: God is there, if we are destined to die then we will, I don’t look good with a mask. My replies in my own head: I know God is there, he didn’t come to help you to pass then, he won’t help you now unless you put some effort. Also, how can someone be so brave, I personally am scared of dying. Finally, you don’t look, people look at you when you wear a mask.

Precautions are not a joke. If you are so brave then join the army. There is no good taking zero precaution and showing bravery in front of the corona. I wash my hands before, after, during everything. We all should wash our hands at least for 20 seconds, wear masks, avoid gatherings and use a tissue while coughing or sneezing.  And if you think, I am less of a celebrity, then if you approve of Anushka Sharma as a celebrity, follow her insta story to see the WHO recommended way of washing your hands. 

If you are interested in challenges. And followed the ice bucket, bottle cap challenge religiously. Then please follow the #SafeHandsChallenge by WHO. 

Stay safe and alive to read my next blog!

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