The Deserted Sunday: Indian Version Of Self Isolation

It was a deserted Sunday. The strange feeling kept lingering. I felt like it’s the beginning of the end.

Today was nothing like a regular sunday. There was this constant eerie feeling that we are in isolation. Throughout the country people were following self isolation. I am writing this blog to share my first hand experience and to give a little insight to people around the globe about the Janta Curfew

In India there have been more than 350 cases now. We are in the third stage where coronavirus spreads through social contact. On Friday it was declared that Sunday will be the day of Janta Curfew (the Indian version of self-isolation). Morning seven to nine at night. 

There were two main reasons behind this. First, to make people realize the seriousness of the situation who are still living in the lala land. Second, it is said that the virus can live upto twelve hours. So when people won’t get out for fourteen hours, the chances of people getting the virus when they step out next is very less. 

Literally, it was a deserted Sunday. There were no cars, no horns, no hustle of people going somewhere or the other. People were just at home. The streets were empty and the dogs were free. I personally liked the situation, not the reason behind the situation. 

We live in a tech & money dominant world. We are too busy buying a lifestyle for us. All this I realised today while just sitting around. We are so busy buying comfort for our family that at some point we forget them. We get too busy being on the run. So, I just simply decided Sunday might be deserted outside. But inside, it’s going to be a dessert. 

I love being productive on Sundays. If you love that too then you can check out some tips to make your Sunday productive. But today, I decided it’s going to be me & my family. Once I woke up, I finished the little essential work I had to get done with. Took me something around half an hour. Then it was show time. 

We had given an off to our cook and decided to spend some time cooking. My father took charge, I was assisting him. I did all the chopping, like a pro. At least I would like to think so. We had decided to make my very favourite Indian dish Khichdi along with some side dishes. Frankly, it’s been awhile since I cooked. So I had a great time, especially with my father. Also, we ended up watching a movie.  

Post lunch destination
My after lunch destination to digest all the food & negativity.

But that strange feeling kept lingering. It didn’t really leave us alone. If you had been here, you could have felt the beginning or the end of something. I think it’s the beginning of the end. The situation has turned out to be so bad all around the world, I am just scared & concerned. All I was trying to do on this Sunday was steal some moments with my loved ones. Because I don’t know what’s stored next in the box for us. 

By the time it was five, the silence was broken in full force by amplified sounds of horns, bells, cnoch & claps. The whole country was ringing bells, blowing conch,clapping to thank the people who were working the whole day to provide all the essentials services. Everybody was kind of happy about the first step they have taken. 

Moments later, we were defeated by our own ones. Because common sense is no more common. The whole point of the Janta Curfew did not make any point anymore. While people were supposed to do the appreciation gesture from their respective homes, in some parts of the country people came down on roads. They even started a small rally, celebrating what I still can’t figure out. 

Social distancing was the whole point of the self-isolation. I don’t know why a whole bunch of people fail to understand that. Watching them dancing on the roads, I was getting chills. It’s time to get this very straight in our heads that one needs to be responsible. You can’t defy the fact that coronavirus is spreading and people are dying out of it. 

The quarantined doodle.
We have to wait for what the future will bring forth.

We don’t pay attention to climate change. We barely care about deforestation. We fail to notice the depreciation in ground water levels. Maybe because that is not killing is today or in the next fourteen days. But coronavirus is, it can kill one person and all the people around that one person. At least, care for your own life, if you can’t think of other’s lives. 

Next few days or should I say months are going to be very crucial. There can be a lockdown any moment now. The food supplies are still there, but might run out at any moment. Now I think it’s just going to be me, the walls and some virtual people. 

What do you think…when is it going to get over? 

2 thoughts on “The Deserted Sunday: Indian Version Of Self Isolation

  1. We were expecting the beginning of the end for the increase in the number of cases. Here we are at the beginning of the end.


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