Say Hi To Summer With A New Look

Winter’s gloomy, summer’s shiny. It’s time to get out of the shed and let the rays shine on your skin. Summer is extremely beautiful and dreadful at the same time. Sweat, dust, tan and what not. So in order to beat the summer and still be the amazing you, you need to dress for it. 

I’m gonna share some ideas and looks which I personally love for the summers. Some of these look, I ace it up in the summers, some I aspire to ace. Now before I share the looks with you. I just wanted to say trends are something you set for yourself. It is not necessary to follow the trend to be trendy.

Wear what you like to wear, something which defines you. There are thousands of clothes out there, they might look good on you but not on others. Wear something which reflects your personality. How you dress, shows a lot about your personality. Try to be yourself while picking up your pieces. 

The looks you will be seeing below are extremely doable. They are simple & sassy. You can make it work with the clothes you own or create your own version. They are not going to bug you for not having that particular kinda clothes because I am almost sure you will find it in your closet.

Look 1: The Tee Look

Summers and t-shirts are best friends. You can go for light pastel colour or white tees. You can wear them with denims, shorts, skirts or even with a dungaree. They help to outline a very soft and sweet look. They almost go with everything. They are easy to style and I personally love the white tee look. The best part is they are never off the trend chart. Also, you look your best with almost no pain.

Prep up. Your look will appear here.
Image Courtesy: Shein

Look 2: The Comfy Look 

The jumpsuits are my favourite and I find them super comfy. They come in such a huge variety, so many colours, prints and types. You can never get enough of jumpsuits. You can just go all in with the colours & prints. They fit you but they don’t clench you. Also, they make you look very classy. And the range is so huge, you will always find a jumpsuit checking all your boxes. 

Prep up. Your summer look will appear here.
Image Courtesy: Shein

Look 3: The Chic Look 

Shorts are a must for summers. They bring out the sass in you. A pair of shorts can be paired with tees, blouses, tank tops, bralettes and even blazers. Also you can pull off the shorts with heels or no heels, sneakers and even mules. 

Prep Up. The chic summer look will appear here.
Image Courtesy: Shein

Look 4: The Palazzo Look 

Anything that is not clenching and not making me sweat is my favourite. Palazzo pants or the wide legged pants are comfortable and trendy. They just fit you at the right places and leave some lose ends where it’s necessary. Also, they are perfect for every occasion or event you are going in. They come in different materials as well. You gonna have a lot of options if you are going for this one. 

Prep Up. The palazzo look will appear here.
Image Courtesy: Shein

Look 5: The Flair Look 

You didn’t live the summers if you didn’t wear skirts and dresses. You can go with the dresses in bright colours and beautiful prints. Also, skirts paired with blouses is also a great option. When you are going with a blouse paired with skirts, don’t go with the all over print thing. At times it looks a little over the top. Keep one of them a little subtle to enhance the beauty of the other. 

Prep Up. Your summer flair look will appear here
Image Courtesy: Shein

Few pro tips which I follow. Black is not for the day. It looks amazing, it’s my favourite colour. But just not for the day in summers. I would rather prefer wearing black at night. Next is, do not over accessorise. Always remember less is more.

Dress for yourself and stay tuned. Next one is coming soon.

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