Things To Do In Quarantine

When life throws lemons. Make lemonades.

It’s been a while since we all are in quarantine. During this time, my ears have grown so familiar to the phrases like “I am getting bored” and “I don’t know what to do”. I have been listening to this from my friends, family, people who are studying and even people who are working. Listening to this my subconscious cries “You are not on Mars, you are not trying enough”. 

I am having a hard time seeing people getting bored and exhausted from sitting back at home.  It was a thing they most cribbed for when they had to go to work and lead a regular life. When you finally have it, why despise it instead of using it?

Trust me on this. This time is not going to come back, the situation outside is really bad, but it doesn’t need to be the same inside. For an individual who wants to get things done, this is the golden period. You can really compensate for the time you regret losing. Now you have all the time you needed, to do your thing. 

But if you are one of those many people who are just lost in the maze of staying at home, then it’s okay. You can still do better. Not knowing what to do is normal, even better I would say. Because then you get a chance to explore. You can lay your hands on anything and everything to see if you would like to do it. 

I have been very happy with my quarantine schedule. I feel I am even more productive in comparison to a normal day at work. I get to do so many things that it just puts me at a very good spot mentally. When you start getting productive with your day, you climb a level up with your mental health. Especially in situations, we are in. 

So I thought of sharing some of the things which you can try doing to make your quarantine days better. 

Water Your Plants 

When home, why not spend some time with nature. You can give a good start to your morning by gardening. It’s a very nice therapy for your body and mind both. I personally enjoy watering my plants, spending some time with them. Also, while watering them I say some good things to them. I have heard this way they grow healthier. 

Read Books 

I know so many people who want to develop a habit for heading. But for some or the other reason, they fail to do so. If you love books, I hope you are already reading them. But if you want to start a habit of reading then this is the time to give it a shot.

Get Fitter 

Sleep, eat, repeat can help you gain a lot of weight. In order to lose some, you must keep exercising. Even if you are not looking to lose some weight, it will keep you active. Staying at home should not mean total hibernation. You must stay fit and active.

Start A Blog 

If you are somebody who loves writing, then why not start a blog. It’s always good to have something of your own. And working for yourself, expressing yourself will have altogether a different toll on you. 

Binge On Netflix 

If you have been missing on shows then this is the time to cope up. Being productive is good but you need breaks too. Work with refreshments shows amazing results. Basically implement on the tagline ‘Netflix & Chill’. 

Cook For Yourself 

This is one of the most amazing things you can do. It is a therapy for your tongue, stomach and nose. It is such a great time pass and a very productive one. Also, when you make something on your own then the sense of accomplishment is on another level. You can try making pastas, lasagne, puddings and cup cakes. Must try! 

Learn A New Skill 

Learning never grows old or you never grow old to learn. You can learn a new skill which you wished you knew. It can be something related to your job or something totally offbeat like a trumpet. Use this time to sharpen your skills or learn a new one. You will not regret it. 

Build Your Social Media Presence 

If you own a blog, youtube channel or online business then now it can grow exponentially online. You can focus on your social media presence and connect to people. Everybody is at home on their phones and laptops, spending a lot more time than usual. You should take advantage of it and provide some good content for your audience. 

Learn A New Language 

This can be very interesting and tough at the same time. Also, you have all the time in the world now. Learning a new language altogether is going to be supremely beneficial for you at work and when you visit that country next. Knowing a foreign language gives you a lot of potentials to grow professionally. You can also use it as your code language. 

Feed The Pets And The Strays 

We think we are in a worse situation. But when you think of the strays, they are starving because of us. They are not getting food to eat and they too must be suffering from all the strangeness going around. If you get a chance you should feed the strays and help them live. Also, take care of your pets and spend as much time as you can. Since there is no one more loyal and loving than them. 

If you are already doing these then you can catch up on your sleep. Also, you can open a youtube channel to blog your experiences and share your interests. I am sure, the number of viewers is going to be more now. You can tidy your house, generally when you keep lounging around the home tends to become a mess. 

I know the situation is pretty bad out there. And we all need to cope in this difficult situation. But I just want us to fight this bad time with some good deeds. These things will distract you for a bit and will make you feel good about yourself. 

Right now staying home is the biggest thing of all to do. There is nothing more productive than saving yours and others life. 

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