My Daily Skincare Routine

Disclaimer: This blog is not promotional. I have not collaborated with any of the brands I have mentioned below. It’s just my love for the products and I just truly appreciate all the good things they do to my skin. Have fun reading this. Don’t hesitate if you feel like trying something from here. Happy reading.

There was a time when I was invested in makeup but hardly paid any attention to my skin. I was like duh, makeup is enough. Also, I didn’t see any bumps, pimples and acne back then on my face. So according to me, I was good to go. 

Gradually time passed. Obviously my skin changed, I started to see what I didn’t see earlier. Oh yes! Bumps, acne and pimples visited me in my early adulthood. I understood it’s time for some extra expenses. That’s when I started a proper skincare regime for myself. 

To be honest, I was not sure if I should be throwing all those products on my face. Because using a variety of products can be really harsh on the skin, that’s what I personally believe. So, I was very sure not to use anything and everything I got my hands on. Before selecting my products, I did a good amount of research. I would suggest you do the same. 

I will be sharing my round the clock skincare routine. I will be talking both about my morning and night skincare routine. There is not much difference but there is some difference. 

Morning Skincare Routine 

My morning routine includes just two to three steps. Nothing very fancy. I don’t feel like going over and over again to cleanse and prep it as I had done it at night. Also, my skin had enough time during the night to heal and prep. 


As soon as I get out of my bed, I drink a glass of water. It’s very important for me to hydrate my skin first since there was no taking in water throughout the night. Also, I keep drinking water during the day. I have read and I believe, water helps your skin age slowly. Also, it brightens your skin and makes it look healthier. 


First of all, I splash some cold water on my face. I avoid using hot water. Two reasons behind it. First, cold water really makes me feel fresh and awake. Second, cold water tones the skin, brightens the skin and slows the ageing of the skin. 

Talking about cleansing. I don’t go very thorough about it in the morning. I go ahead with just a face wash. I have a normal to dry skin. I alternate between a Lotus Dermo Spa face wash and the Forest Essential face wash. Both work for me the best. They cleanse my skin without letting it feel too dry. Other face washes make my skin very dry and haunting. I feel like something is pulling my skin inwards. 


Since I am normal to dry skin type, moisturising is a must for me. I use the Faceshop (rice water) moisturiser. To be honest it’s my favourite moisturiser of all. It’s not greasy or heavy. It’s very watery, blends in quickly and stays on the skin. So all day there is no way my skin is feeling dry. I have been using it for more than a month now and my skin has gone soft. I totally adore this product. 

P.S. Irrespective of the skin type, you should moisturise your skin. There are a variety of water-based and oil-based products from which you find your best fit. 

Lips & Eyes 

I pay some attention to my lips and eyes too. If my eyes are looking too puffy, then I go ahead and apply some eye cream. It’s not something I do every day, depends upon how my eyes are looking. Also, I apply some lip balm. I can’t live with chipped lips. So, lip balm is a must for me. 

Night Routine 

My night routine is a little more extensive in comparison to the morning routine. Since I stay out all day long, by the time I get home I can feel all the oil, dust, pollution and decayed makeup on my face. My skin feels heavy. So, the night routine is more extensive and detailed. 

Makeup Removal 

Generally, I don’t wear makeup to the office unless I am going somewhere out after office. I just wear my Lakme sunscreen (SPF 24) and Lotus Face Serum (SPF 15). In case I am wearing makeup, I will go ahead and remove it with the help of my Loreal makeup remover. It gets rid of the 27×7 smudge-free eyeliner as well without giving me any pain. I have seen no remover doing that. 


Just like morning, I splash some cold water and cleanse my face with a face wash. I have my two go tos as I had mentioned above. So, I just pick any one of those depending on my mood.  If I have run out of them, then I prefer the o3+ face wash. It’s equally good. 

Deep Cleansing 

Once my first round of cleansing is done. It’s time for round 2. I wet my face again and start scrubbing my face. I use 2-3 scrubbers to be honest. But I am most consistent with the Mcaffaine one. I do it for a minute or two and wash it off. The skin feels very smooth after that. I just love touching my skin once I have scrubbed. 


I have a very vague idea what a toner does. I think it purifies the skin, cleanses it even further and rejuvenates the skin. So, after scrubbing, I take some toner on a cotton pad and massage my face. Always upwards since I don’t want to welcome wrinkles soon. 


I love sheet masks. Once a week, I apply a sheet mask on my face. There is no particular brand preference for my sheet masks, it totally depends on my mood. But I always apply a different sheet mask like charcoal, turmeric, green tea etc. It hydrates my skin, makes my skin look healthy and glowy. 


Last but not the least I again go in with my moisturiser, which also acts like a night cream for me. I am a huge consumer of moisturizers and sunscreens. I make sure, I don’t miss this step as I don’t want to leave my pores open. Scrubbing and masking exfoliates the skin so I make sure to apply the moisturiser. 

Lip Care 

I like to have pink soft lips like every other girl on this planet. Some days, I use a lip scrub and then apply a lip balm. On regular days, when I don’t feel the need for a lip scrub, I just apply my lip balm. 

That is all for my skincare. I hope you enjoyed reading this. 

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