The 5 Shows I have Binged

Disclaimer: This is not a series review. I am just sharing the shows I loved binge-watching. Some of them are my personal favourite. You can surely take some recommendations if you like what I am saying about the series. Sit back and enjoy the blog. 

I am a person who is really bad at continuing things. Also, I am a person who loves reading books, watching movies, watching series and I can’t do them all in a day. I get mood swings. There is always a time where I will be doing any one thing. When I feel, I have had enough or I am getting bored, I will switch to the other thing. 

Talking about the series, it’s difficult for me. As in, first of all, it takes me a lot to try a new series. I will keep scrolling Netflix and won’t find anything to watch. I mean that sounds impossible. Even if I get myself started on a series and it has like twelve seasons, I run out of patience by the fourth or fifth season. 

But all that said, there are some series I loved watching. The moment I saw their poster and read the synopsis, I wanted to watch them. Also, I didn’t get bored or lose my patience. They caught on to me. So, let’s just say all of them are great but not good enough for me. That includes Friends. I see all the eggs and tomatoes coming my way. Before you throw all of them on me, it’s just my tiny miny personal opinion and not gonna affect the glory of Friends. Maybe, it’s my downside that I couldn’t hold on to it. 

Here is a revelation of all the shows I have binged watched. 

Crash Landing On You 

This is my favourite show ever, no doubt in that. I know, I say that every time I watch something great. But it surely will always remain one of my favourites. It’s a South Korean series starring Hyun Bin, Son Ye-jin, Kim Jung-hyun, and Seo Ji-hye. These names will ring a bell if you follow South Korean stars and series. When I started watching the show, I didn’t know these names, I still don’t. But I remember them with their characters. It’s that good. 

It’s a beautiful love story of a high society, rich but lonely girl and a North Korean Soldier. Simultaneously, another love story runs of a North Korean girl ( who is the fiance of the North Korean soldier) and a con man from South Korea. The cinematography is so beautiful, the storyline is amazing, the characters are weaved in such an interesting manner and I still can’t get over the music. If you are still wondering whether you should watch this or not, just listen to the music. That will make you want to watch the show. 

This Is Us 

This was the best family drama ever. It had sappiness, comedy and emotions that every family possibly go through. The way things turn out will intrigue you. It can be anything but monotonous like other shows. And I had a hard time selecting my favourite character. I think of all Randall was my favourite character. 

If you are wondering, the show was about a family focusing on the three siblings Kevin, Kate and Randall. One of the things I like about the show is two stories run in one show. First, the story of the personal struggles of the siblings when they are grown-ups. Second, the story of their parents taking us all back when the siblings were kids. The show doesn’t fail to show some real struggles of the family. 


This show has given me my favourite actor of Hollywood, Benedict Cumberbatch. I have seen nobody, literally nobody playing such a difficult character with such poise and ease. He is my definition of Sherlock Holmes. The way he speaks, o my god, I gasped watching that. Words just can’t define my love for this show. 

Sherlock, as it suggests, is all about Sherlock Holmes, Dr Watson and the super intriguing cases they solve. Trust me it’s nothing like the monotonous act of every episode there is a new case and that’s what keeps happening for the next four seasons. There are new cases but before you know there will be a spin and all of them together will make more sense to you. Every person who asks me for a recommendation, this show tops my list and always will. 

Descendants Of The Sun 

This is something I watched very recently. It’s again a South Korean show. And it’s again a love story. I just can’t help it, I love love stories. It features Song Joong-ki, Song Hye-Kyo, Jin Goo, Kim Ji-won. It’s a beautiful story of a soldier in South Korean Special forces and a Surgeon. They both fall in love but given their profession they face problems. 

I found the storyline of the series very practical and realistic. It was an imagination fitting in the real world. Unlike movies and other shows, there was just the right amount of action given the army angle. Also, the ways things turn out to be nothing seemed like “naah, it’s just in the show”. I just feel the romance in this show is a little different from others, I enjoyed it. And again the song is awesome. I think the South Korean people have a great taste in song or I have accidentally watched two South Korean series consistently with great music. 

Man With A Plan 

Until I watched this I believed I don’t like shows with pure humour. Now that I am watching it, I never get enough of it. I am in the process of binging this show. So, you can take it as live updates. It has Matt LeBlanc and Liza Snyder in it, what more you can ask for. For people who loved Friends, Joey and Matt LeBlanc in it, this is the show for them. 

It has small episodes of around twenty minutes each and they are super interesting. The show is about a family where the wife Andy Burns (Liza Snyder) decides to go back to work and the husband Adam Burns (Matt LeBlanc) has to look after the kids. He is not a ‘stay at home’ dad. But you can call him a flexible version of that handling work, kids and all the eggs life throwing at him. I binge about three to four episodes a day, sometimes five I guess. 

All these series are on my hit list. Apart from these I am planning to binge on Money Heist and My Holo Love. If you have some recommendations then I love to try them out. Toodles. 

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