If I Had Three Superpowers For A Day

Disclaimer: This blog is all about the random thoughts I get. Or I should say one of the random thoughts I get in a day. It looks very shallow from here but once you decide to dive in, I am sure you will get out with some real thoughts. I would love to know what you think after reading this blog. You can write your’s to me in the comments or on any of the social media platforms. I really would love reading your thoughts. Let’s start now. 

As you have read the title of the blog, it’s about me and my fantasy of having superpowers. Well, let’s just say I have been inspired by Dr Strange and Sherlock Holmes. Just like all the other thirty-year-old kids. Strange combination, I know. Dr Strange intrigues me about the supernatural powers, time and time travel. The intrigue level is very similar to a man’s gaze. On the other hand, Sherlock Holmes excites me about the humanly possible superpowers. Though the human superpowers we possess are little different than his. We have got denial, ignorance and arrogance. 

These three things can get us out of any bad situation. First, if something unacceptable has happened we ignore it. If it comes to us, we deny it. If still, it crawls to us, we use arrogance. To be honest, the world and the people living in the world make me feel like having superpowers. I just love the idea of getting into people’s mind, flying around, going to places and being able to help. 

If I get three superpowers for a day, as much as I would love to replace Sundar Pichai and make my blog appear in every search result, I wouldn’t do that. Because there are things which are more exciting than this. 

Now keeping aside all the thousand thoughts I want to vomit right now. Let’s talk about superpowers. Here they come. Hooohahaha

The Crawling Superpower

Nope, you didn’t get it right. I don’t want to crawl the ditches, neither do I want to crawl the web pages. I want to crawl into people’s minds. The most searched, used and treasured place in the whole universe. If the Professor had a chance, I am sure he would have given up The Royal Mint of Spain for this. 

Well, the question is why? The straight forward answer is I am fed up of fooling around. You say one thing, you think about another thing, and you mean altogether something else only. Honestly, I have been deceived, and I am simply not cut out for this. Take me to fairyland, and I will be happy being a toad there. I will manage hopping, at least there people will say what they really feel. 

Also, getting an insight into people’s mind really helps. If I could know what my boyfriend is thinking, I bet I wouldn’t have lost all the arguments I lost. When you actually come to think of it, it’s so damn cool. I would never get robbed, I would never miss an opportunity just for being a girl and I could show the finger to all the people who think they can mess with him. Because ladies and gentlemen when you know what the other person is thinking, you can turn his whole universe upside down. 

The Eco-Friendly Superpower 

I don’t want any superpower which will do some chemical reactions in my body. Resulting in the emission of some weird gases because we already have a ton of them. We can use some ‘not having them’ anymore. 

Frankly, I am scared of dying. I was watching this documentary called ‘Our Planet’ the other day and I freaked out. Because we are dying. Soon. Very Soon. 

We have gone so forward, we have invented some real things which have changed the world. Moreover, we take pride in them. We are in a race of evolution. But the problem is this race doesn’t have an endpoint. We take pride in the innovations we have made in the sustainable energy sector. What are we? Fools? 

Innovations are made to satisfy needs. Solar energy, hydro energy, wind energy and more were invented to satisfy a need. The need for us to live. Because we have exhausted all the natural resources without even flinching once. Now that we are dying, we are finding ways to live a little more. 

I am in desperate need of a superpower to make things right with nature. We invaded the homes of so many animals and birds. I need the superpower to settle things and return what was rightfully theirs. 

The Friendly Superpower 

No. I am not an isolated person locked up in one corner of my own mind. I have friends and I am very thankful for them. But you know what? Humans are good but not as amazing as animals. 

I would love to live in a world full of dogs rather than a world of humans. I just love and adore dogs. Do not take any offence. I love dogs and that’s why I would prefer them over humans. Not because we humans are selfish, money-oriented, self-centred and insensitive. I am sorry for the generalisation there. 

So, I would love to have a superpower like Mowgli which will make me friends with all the animals and birds. If I get to talk to my animal friends, I will start by saying sorry on behalf of the whole of mankind. I really do feel sorry for them but more than them, for us. We have taken everything from them and have given nothing in return. There is no point getting started with the good social work we are doing for animals. Why? Because we are the ones who put them in such terrible situations, to begin with. 

You might not agree with anything I have written till now. Which is okay. I appreciate you reading this. Hopefully thirty years down the line, you wouldn’t need to think of this. To be honest, if you can, if only you can don’t be like me. If you are capable of doing things, then do it. Unlike me sitting and thinking about superpowers. 


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