15 New Hobbies To Try During Quarantine

Disclaimer: This blog is going to be all about dealing with boredom and unproductiveness in quarantine. I will be giving you ideas for new hobbies, which you can take up while sitting at home. I have tried to diversify the interest areas so that you all can find something for yourself.  Hope you find the best hobbies for yourself. Happy reading.

Quarantine is a big change in our lives. Rather a boring one I should say. Many of you are working from home and trying to be productive but still left with plenty of time. Now, sitting around, binging on movies and series can get boring after a while. So why not take up a new hobby? 

To be frank, this is the best time to learn a new hobby or a skill. You have all the day to yourself and you have plenty of amazing options around you. So, recently I have been thinking of learning a new skill or you can say looking for new hobbies to pick up. And I have managed to come up with quite a few amazing options. So, I thought why not share it with you guys.

Care For Your Plants 

I personally have this hobby. Gardening is one of the easiest and most whelming options. If you are a person who loves nature and has an interest in plants then this is perfect for you. But if you are someone who hasn’t given it a try, then you must give it a try. Plants just add so much beauty to your house and environment. Also, gardening can be a great start for your mornings. 

Doodle Your Emotions 

If you are someone who wanted to paint or draw for the longest time but don’t know how to? This is it. Take up doodling. I won’t say it’s easy, some pieces need a lot of precision. But it’s not as tough as blending colours and drawing scenery. Also, they look amazing. 

Bake It All 

Baking as a hobby has so many benefits. First, you are not going to die hungry. Second, you will feed yourself well. Third, every second of your time will be well spent. I know, baking can freak out a lot of you but don’t go pro from the very beginning. You can start with small, easy, three-ingredient recipes and slowly you can pace up. 

P.S. Just to tempt you a little more. You can bake lasagna, pastries, mac & cheese, pizzas and more. Lot more. 

Read Books 

I know what you are thinking. But reading is nothing close to boring. You might not want to pick a book of three hundred pages with some wise words. But you can definitely start with a book about something which interests you. It can be about gardening, cooking, space & science or it can be from genres like horror, thriller, humour and romance. Just give it a try. 

read books

Go Old School With Knitting 

I have seen my grandma and mother knitting sweaters for me when I was a kid. Since then I haven’t seen anybody doing that. I guess it’s out of trend. But old is gold right. When you have the opportunity, why not knit something for your loved ones and spread some love. 


I believe this is one of the best hobbies of all. Journaling lets you get your thoughts on paper and helps you get so much more organised. I personally have taken this new hobby of journaling. Honestly, I am loving it. Also, if you end up making a pretty, creative journal you can share it on social media. People love creative journals. 


Do it Yourself. Because you have the time. When you are idle you get the most genius ideas. Look around yourself, see if you need something and try a DIY. Also, you can share it with your friends and family. Do tag me as well, I would love to see your DIY. 

Get Creative With Your Home

We all wish for a pretty home. But we all have things to take care of. Since we are talking about new hobbies to take up, why not home decor? You might not have the supplies right now but you can definitely plan. Or if you are very new to this and have zero idea like me. Then social media and online courses are there for your rescue. 

do it yourself (DIY)

Click Your Life 

Many people like to get clicked and some like to click. Doesn’t matter on which side of the coin you are, you can take up photography as a new hobby. Even if you can’t get outside, you can click lifestyle pictures. You can do fashion and food photography. 

Put Your Thoughts On Work

Taking up writing as a hobby doesn’t require you to be an exceptionally good writer. You just need your thoughts and your keyboard. Writing is all about penning down your thoughts on a piece of paper. Maybe, you can write about your quarantine experience and look back at it later. 


Vlogging is a very interesting and engaging option, I believe. If you want to get a profession with it, then you won’t get a better time than this to get on the second largest search engine. Almost everyone is on the internet now and they are actively looking for content. But if you are not willing to go on youtube then too you can Vlog. Vlog for yourself. 

Learn A New Language

This is one of ‘the most productive’ new hobbies you can have. Knowing a language apart from the regular languages you speak has tons of benefits. First of all, it’s cool. Second, it drives you a lot of opportunities. The only thing is learning a language takes time, a lot of time. And that’s exactly what you have. More than you need, I believe.

learn a new language

Organise (Your Life)

This idea of a new hobby can spin your whole life. If you are already organised, then you are sorted. But if you are not, guys this is the one thing which can stop things from driving you crazy. Literally, my personal experience says so. Getting organised makes your mental health so much better and you don’t feel as if you are carrying a burden. 

P.S. Wondering how to get organised and get through a whole day? I am an urban professional and here’s how I deal with it. 


Ladies and gentlemen, wanna look pretty, take up this hobby. What I mean is develop a skincare regime and follow it religiously. I know, many of you can’t see it as a hobby. But many people have a hobby for skincare. Including me. 


Guys, I have never meditated in my entire life. I’m just too impatient to do it. I am being a hypocrite over here and telling you this hobby is the key to inner peace. Many of you might be distressed now, so it can help you remain calm. Even after this quarantine, meditation will help you become more focused, calm and healthy. 

So these were some of the new hobbies to try. Hope you liked it. I am sure these hobbies will help you deal with quarantine and make the most of it. 

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