Tips On How To Stay Positive

Keep looking up…that’s the secret of life

Chaerlie Brown

If you are reading this blog, then you are certainly short of positivity now. No, worries! You are reading the words of a person who used to fall short of positivity back in the days. But now, do I feel the same? Nope. So, I am here to help you to deal with your feelings. 

Before I get started on how to stay positive, let me just tell you it’s okay to not feel your best. It’s totally fine to not feel on top of the world. We are human beings; we have feelings and numerous chemicals in our bodies. At times such side effects are natural. 

Staying Positive In Life 

Life is a lesson which can’t be learnt in a day. It needs persistence and practice. Also, it’s a book which we can not judge by its cover. Sometimes, the cover looks very tempting and at times it looks quite boring. But you will know the content only when you will open it. It takes a lot of courage and positivity to keep ongoing. 

At times, the situation turns bad. One negative thing triggers all the other negative things. Finally, the situation gets out of our hand. And, all we say is it was never in our hands, it’s life. Well, wasn’t it? I believe certain things are just in our hands but nobody else’s. If you wish, you can turn the worst situations in your favour. All it takes is a positive attitude towards life. 

Tips To Be Positive 

six tips to stay positive

Unclutter Your Surrounding

The very first step towards positivity is an uncluttered surrounding. Our surrounding is an impression of our brain. A clean, organised surrounding resembles a quiet, balanced mind. If you will keep dumping things here and there, it wouldn’t make you feel any better. Personally, I am in the making of a super organised person. But at times even my space looks like a dump yard to me. That is not a good thing, it’s just very negative for me. 

Try to have a clean and organised space. This would make you feel a hundred times better about yourself. Also, a beautiful, clean space helps you to think better. Even the ideas and thoughts will get organised in your head. 

Focus On The Good

There are hundreds of things in this world to piss you off. There is no scarcity of negativity. But all you need to do is concentrate on the good part. I believe there is always something good hidden in the bad. So, if you are in a situation and a thousand things are going wrong, there must be one thing going right. Concentrate on that one thing. 

Smile, Smile & Smile 

This is my mantra. Smiling. When I wake up, the first thing in the morning I walk to my mirror, look at myself and just smile. Every morning, I give myself a biggg smile and my whole day will be filled with positive energy. I much feel better and function happily.

Also, when I meet someone, I always smile and greet them. So make it a rule, no greetings without a smile. You will feel so much better and you will make someone else’s day as well. This way, you reciprocate the positive energy and spread positive vibes. 

be optimistic in life

Let Things Go 

The most amount of negative energy we attract is from small things. The small-small things which happen in our daily lives. For instance, you are waiting for someone for too long, your morning coffee doesn’t taste good or let’s just say someone bumped into you. All, these things easily piss many of us and you get angry or you get into a bad mood. This is when the chain of negativity starts. 

So, it’s best to let them go. Again for instance, when the person arrives late, smile at him and say “it’s okay, no worries”. If the morning coffee is not good, make another one instead of getting angry and if someone bumps into you, say “it’s okay, take care” with a smile. Letting things go will make you a bigger and happy person. 

Think Positive

I personally believe in the power of the universe. When you think positive then the universe reciprocates to your thoughts. I have personally experienced, negative thoughts fetch you nothing but negativity. I have observed, every time I was in a bad space, I had already thought of it. When you keep a positive outlook, you feel confident, you don’t get distracted. 

Replace Every Thought 

In the beginning, it might be difficult for you to get rid of negative thoughts. Which is normal. Even positivity needs practice. The best way to deal with all the negative thoughts you get is replacing every negative thought with a positive one. Every time you get a negative thought, replace that thought with its positive version. Gradually, you will have more positive thoughts. 

Being positive is not that difficult as it seems. You just need to feel good about yourself and make yourself happy before anyone else. This will give you more confidence to deal with every negative thought and situation. 

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