How To Celebrate World Environment Day

We all care for nature, don’t we? 

Hii Guys. How are all you doing lovely people? I hope you all are safe, happy and hopeful. Well, it’s that time of the year when we remind ourselves to be more thankful, sustainable and cautious towards nature. 5th June, World Environment Day is here and as always I am excited 🙂 

Environment plays a very important part in our lives. Or should I say it’s the slightly neglected epicentre of our lives? Everything you look at is a gift of nature. We have been retrieving so much from it that it has reached to an extent where you can call it exploitation. Don’t you think the time has come where we start taking care of the environment selflessly? 

I agree, even now we are very aware of the fact that nature needs healing. That’s because we are cautious about the fact that if resources become extinct then we will be next in line of extinction. Here I am talking about self-less care. Let’s be grateful for the beautiful world we have been granted. Let’s just be grateful and respect all the living beings out there. 

So, in order to do the thing I mentioned, which is protecting and nurturing the environment, a day was marked. Which is World Environment Day. A small fact about world environment day is in 1972, the United Nations General Assembly decided to mark the first day of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment by designating June 5 as World Environment Day. 

This time international environment day is going to be a little different. I don’t know how I should put it, whether it’s good or bad. But this place is all about positivity, so I would say nature is healing. I believe in seeing the brighter side of the coin. 

Since we all are at home in quarantine, I have been wondering how can we celebrate environment day at home? Because heading out is not the wisest option. So, I came up with these easy, creative world environment day activities to celebrate world environment.

Nurture the nature selflessly and watch the universe thrive.


Plant A Tree 

Trees are the very means of our lives. Without them we won’t even exist. I believe they are the purest living spirit. So, you can plant at least one tree in your backyard if not more. If you don’t have a space at your home. Then make sure, once the situation will get better you will head out to plant a tree. 

Sustainability At Home 

For this option you don’t need to go out and you can celebrate environment day not just on 5th June but everyday. Make your home the hub of sustainability. Save water, switch to LED bulbs and use energy-efficient appliances. I know it’s easier said than done. But you can at least try to use less water. Do simple things like, don’t let the water run while brushing or washing hands, use sprinklers in the garden. Next time when a bulb dies at your home, switch it with a LED bulb and look for energy-efficient appliances when you next go shopping. All these simple steps will help you save money and the planet earth. 

Waste Recycling

Every morning we all throw out the trash very diligently. But we never think of reusing that trash. Guys, trust me you can do so much with that trash. You can first of all use the wet garbage to produce compost. You can use this compost in your garden and believe me the home made compost is way better than what you can buy in the stores. With the dry garbage you can do DIYs, put your creative minds on the job and produce something interesting. Also, you can use these to decorate your homes. 

environment day related pictures

Grow Your Own Garden 

Guys, plants are love. The next thing to heaven is your own grown garden. The kind of satisfaction you get is priceless. Here I am not just talking about planting flower plants but you can grow your own veggies as well. Your very own, home grown, organic veggies. If you decide you recycle your garbage like I mentioned above you can use to grow your kitchen garden. 

I know, it sounds a little difficult but once you will see the results I know it will be difficult for you to stop. Just imagine you plucking fresh veggies every morning and prepping to cook. The thought is a motivation in itself. 

Talk To Your Kids 

Kids are the future. We all are trying to undo the over exploitation of the resources and trying to save some for the future generation. It is very important for them to value nature and a balanced ecosystem. Talk to them about the good deeds their small hands can do to add one extra day to earth’s lifetime. 

Do Not Waste 

When we have privileges we start taking them for granted. Everybody knows food and water are necessary for survival. But ask those who starve to survive, they will tell you the real value of food and water. We have privileges and it is important for us to value them. Let’s just put an effort to produce less waste. Let’s not throw food. We need to respect the effort of each person who has made that one meal on our plate possible. 

Thinking and resonating only once a year won’t help. I am surely gonna put an effort every day of the year. I truly will put efforts to care for the environment and animals selflessly. I hope and urge you all to the same. Let’s do a selfless act for mother nature. It has done a lot for us. 

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