About Me

Welcome To Life:Decoded

Welcome to life:decoded. I am very happy to see you here. Life:Decoded is not just a blogging website, where I write and you read. No! That’s old now. The new trend is ‘Addabaazi’. For those who went little off the beat hearing Addabaazi, I was just talking about jamming. Jamming with words, where we, not just I struck a string of words, thoughts, ideas and emotions. 

I am very excited. I hope you are all set to let go off your mind leashes and jam with me. 

About The Blog

Life:Decoded is something which I wanted to create for a very long time. I don’t know what took me so long.

Life:Decoded is about everything which possibly exists on earth. It doesn’t talk about one thing because life is never about one thing. Life just can’t be about eating, breathing or working. In the same way Life:Decoded is not just about food, health or work. It represents the journey, the extraordinary experiences and the regular life too. 

I am going to paint this page with my thoughts, thoughts you can relate to, we can relate to. There is going to be food because we all love food, there will be stuff about travelling because life is much better when you travel. Also, there will be content about the hard, rough, tough and bad parts of our lives because you can’t appreciate the good when you haven’t seen the bad. 

You can expect everything under the sun on Life:Decoded. Most importantly, I would like to know your thoughts, your expression and portray it on Life:Decoded.

About Me

Hii This is me Sonali. By profession & choice I am a Content Writer and Digital Marketer.I have been writing for the past 3 years now. Ever since I figured out my love for writing I wanted to have something of my own. I had been writing for others but deep down I always wanted to write for myself. 

I was 17 when I was sure writing was going to be a profession for me. I always believed, do what you love. People say you can not follow your passion and be successful at all times. I definitely wanted to defy that. It’s been three years now, I am following my passion in making my successful story. I made my passion my job. 

I would just like to say one thing, always follow your passion. Do what you love. Success is secondary, happiness & satisfaction is primary. This is something which I strongly follow. Life:Decoded is also a part of my journey now. Something which is going to remain mine forever.